Ding the Dog Daily Writing Prompt:

(Just here to lend a helping paw)



                    1.  The best thing about a gray day is...




.                    2.  If I caught a leprechaun I would...




                     3.  My favorite day of the week is...




                      4.  I will be helpful today by...  







                       5.  List all of the things you love... (This weekend focus on                                       feeling grateful for this list)





                        6.  When something unexpected happens, I stay positive by...






                         7.  Today I will...





                          8.  The best thing about spring is...






                         9.  I will be helpful around the house by...





                           10.  List all the things that make you special... (Make this your

                                 focus and look for the special traits in others)

I'm thrilled to announce that Festeva's Holiday Cheer is included in the list of Best Kindness Books for kids!


Festeva's Holiday Cheer

A dog doing kind deeds to spread holiday cheer?!? What the world needs right now!

View Book Trailer here:


Emma's Dilemma

Helping kids understand the importance of belonging and adoption.

View International Book Promotion trailer here:


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