Let's appreciate each other you and me Even though we may differ, You speak of keeping us safe and of past complacency. I want to try to talk to you about humanity Decisions based on fear? No thread of decency. How can we turn human beings away? Silence and a blind eye-- Through orders to be great again Is this Christianity? Seems we need to go... Back to the books on this one. How about we focus on love of all And human decency? THINK your best thoughts in order to FEEL your best to TRY and BE your best!


Was it really about a loss? Not in our city, not what I saw. More a peaceful collaboration-- Not to condemn but... To stand in solidarity. Why? A representation of each other regardless of Who you love How you worship What you look like Your cultural background. Saying "We the people" And excluding, labeling or devaluing People of color Immigrants People with disabilities Is the antithesis of "A more perfect union." Motivated by anger you say? Fear of what could happen? Not in our city, not what I saw. A preservation of community, People first and protection Safety and responsibility Prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault Health care for all Equality for wages and love. The melti

True Leadership

THINK your best thoughts in order to FEEL your best to TRY and BE your best! We can't help but be influenced by them. When in the presence of an impactful leader, you are instantly drawn in. Within the cocoon of vision, enveloped by light and energy you can feel that you're a part of something. As human beings, we crave belonging and need a sense of contribution to be our best. What characteristics are essential for sound leadership? A LEADER... Has vision, not just goals Inspires through words and actions Is driven without knocking others over Listens first in order to move forward Knows that people come first Is aware that conversation is never enough Makes mistakes and owns them Knows


It creeps in; Spreads like the flower petals, opening to the dawn. Lacking beauty, light and promise. Contemplating, questioning, debating--What to say, What to do, what comes next? Beyond, old reliables that no longer soothe. Searching for answers, direction, relief Uncertainty... THINK your best thoughts in order to FEEL your best to TRY and BE your best!

Who will you BE in 2017?

Reflection...a time to quiet your mind and give consideration. As you take this time, what aspects of your life are you most grateful? I find that after the let down of the holidays, it does my soul some good to really concentrate on all of the things that truly enhance my life. With the uncertainty that a new year brings as well as the spirit of life in general--we often have choices. Who will you be as you move forward in 2017? BE: Hopeful Voice of reason Joyful Goal oriented Positive Victorious Accountable Present Mindful A Leader Regardless of where you are now, we can move forward and become who we're meant to be. Allow yourself to think it, Make it your dream and Dare yourself to d

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