We awaken...possibilities. Everyone we encounter, As we embrace the day. Choosing what we will think, say or do As we negotiate through our day. Do we focus on the worry of yesterday? I hope they don't think... Why were they looking at me? What was meant by... Or somehow fear the future? What will I do? What will happen? What if? Decisions we make... Choose now; this second, minute to breathe in. THE POSSIBILITIES!

Be A Light

In your day to day life-- However tedious or mundane Be a light When excited-- Hopeful or merry Be a light We never know what darkness others are facing We can, however... Be a light


When you're feeling stressed, look around. When you're feeling sad, look up. When you're feeling tired, make eye contact. Happiness can be found in unexpected places. Be intentional in your pursuit!

Hold On

It's easy to turn inward when things get challenging. At times, this can help us find inner peace to move forward. What happens when you find yourself stuck in negativity; your thoughts spinning around everything that is going wrong in your life? It's easy to become complacent with negativity--almost expecting and searching your life for it. How do you get out of it? STOP. Realize that what you're experiencing is not long-term even if it feels like it will never's for now. Take a breath and remind yourself that one thing you have complete control over is your mind. YOU control what you think--be particular. GET OUT. Do something that makes you feel peaceful, calm and happy.

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