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Yesterday, I felt inspired by what I saw from young people around the United States. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, I hope you felt a sense of pride seeing kids come together. Our youth, our future joined one another; articulate, persevering, and influencing. This led me to think about inspiration. What makes you feel inspired? Do some soul searching this week about what inspires and how you'll inspire others. Although it doesn't have to be on a grand scale; inspiration can come from nature, volunteering, a smile, kind word or anything that makes your soul feel energized!

Be Enough

May you have enough with room to share May you remember to smile through your days May you persevere through the rain to appreciate the sunshine May you take good care of yourself and give to others May you know you are enough to realize you have enough!

Who Matters?

Have you ever participated in an intruder drill with 5 and 6 year olds? Developmentally, children this age are learning to distinguish between fantasy and reality. They may be very clear about what is real in some instances, pretend in various situations and engage in magical thinking in other situations. In fact, dramatic play along with stepping in and out of reality is a significant piece of this developmental level. (Ages & Stages: How Children Use Magical Thinking) In my experience, schools do the best job they can to prepare students for this type of drill. There is discussion prior that it is a drill (much like fire or tornado drills); to help us all know what to do in case. A


How do you go through your days? With your head down, trudging through the minutes and hours? Given the hectic pace of life these days, it's easy to do. I was at a friend's wedding and took some time to observe. Despite happy tears during the ceremony, there was also laughter and reminiscing. What I found was that this couple was so joyful that it became contagious to those around. Be the joy that spreads to others!

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