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What's the difference between resolve and resolution? According to Websters, resolution is defined as "A firm decision to do or not do something." In contrast, resolve means "To decide firmly on a course of action." There's nothing wrong with making resolutions, in fact 'tis the season. However, to resolve feels like there is less choice and more commitment to action. Thus, I resolve to commit to the following in 2019... *Smile from the inside out *See the good and do some good every day *Savor moments and truly be present in each moment *Appreciate where I am right now *Be me--No apologies *Maintain gratitude for the little things *Admit mistakes without guilt *Realize I"m doing my bes


Be good to each other...

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom taught me... When to persevere and when to let go The magic of a kind word The power of a smile That pain doesn't have to change you When in doubt, look up! Thanks, Mom

Maintaining Gratitude

The daily practice of gratitude becomes most essential in the darkness... Like any new skill, gratitude requires daily practice in order to become more adept. A much easier concept when things are going our way or when the holidays approach. What happens to our practice when darkness occurs? Not always catastrophic, darkness can masquerade within many aspects of our daily lives. You know, something we really wanted and didn't receive, unwanted changes, a misunderstanding with a loved one, or a day full of "the little mishaps" that just don't cease? It's in these moments that we do ourselves (and others) an injustice if we don't simplify and practice gratitude. This may mean taking a breat

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