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Not Your Daughter's Slush--B-Day Reflection

THINK your best thoughts in order to FEEL your best to TRY and BE your best!

So, how do you spend your birthday? I was very fortunate to spend my day volunteering, accomplishing some tasks and spending time with family. I began my day at GPSPCA--how fortunate am I to volunteer here?!? Watching committed staff and volunteers helping our furry friends is inspiring!

Taking some time to slow down and do a little shopping, as well as completing responsibilities felt so good. (It didn't hurt that while I was traveling between places I saw a bridal party getting their picture taken. A Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte didn't hurt things either!) Last but certainly not least, ending the day spending time with family. I was able to see my niece dance (Dance In the Park--Roanoke Park) and have dinner with my brother and sister-in-law. Splitting a Not Your Father's Rootbeer, followed by a Bermuda Triangle (Affectionately renamed Not Your Daughter's Slush) and great food from Jazz ended the evening. Thanks to all for the well wishes and the fabulous day--so grateful! What will you be grateful for this week?

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