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Going Home!

Since living in KC for the last 12 years, it has become our home. However, I had the opportunity to travel to my hometown this weekend for a book event. What an awesome experience!

Spending Friday evening with my daughter and parents was an ideal way to end a hectic work day. Very low key, great conversation and relaxation. I awakened early Saturday for a morning jog.

Running through the area where I grew up brought back so many great memories. A prelude to what was to come! At the book event, I was able to connect with so many special people from my childhood. I was in awe over the amount of support and so grateful!

One of the event highlights was having a couple of young girls visit the book signing. They were so sweet, curious (about the book and the cats who live at The Book Grinder) and quite anxious to draw a picture of their family on the heart page of Emma's Dilemma. Fortunately, I was able to snap a picture of it so you get to see it and smile as I did!

What's the best thing about your family? What will make you smile this week? Comment below or send your child's family picture!

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