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Emma's Gratitude Challenge

How did Emma's Gratitude Challenge go for you? I found an attitude shift when I began to focus on what I was grateful for as opposed to challenges. Here is a break down of my week:

11/29 Fantastic weekend with family and fun with my daughter

11/30 The beautiful tree lit with white lights on my 5 a.m. walk with the dog

12/1 Flexible, kind people who are open to change

12/2 Sunshine! (and Kindergarten kids) :)

12/3 Teachers who are so willing to help kids

12/4 Clean house

12/5 Humor!

12/6 Seamless Dance Event with family

Seamless is a Dance Theatre doing amazing things in the community! (I may be a bit biased as my niece is participating) :) Check out their mission and events here:

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