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True Leadership

THINK your best thoughts in order to FEEL your best to TRY and BE your best!

We can't help but be influenced by them. When in the presence of an impactful leader, you are instantly drawn in. Within the cocoon of vision, enveloped by light and energy you can feel that you're a part of something. As human beings, we crave belonging and need a sense of contribution to be our best.

What characteristics are essential for sound leadership?


Has vision, not just goals

Inspires through words and actions

Is driven without knocking others over

Listens first in order to move forward

Knows that people come first

Is aware that conversation is never enough

Makes mistakes and owns them

Knows the strengths of his/her team members

Isn't afraid to bring out team member's strengths

Knows the power of silence

Asks for help


Isn't afraid to reflect with others

Realizes a thorough job takes more than one

Doesn't evaluate based on where they WANT to be but on the current situation

Knows that progress is an ongoing process

Whether you're leading a country, business, agency or meeting

Be authentic. Be kind. Be inspirational. Dare to lead

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