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Have you ever been sitting, contemplating your next step when a memory floods your mind? You are almost captivated as it washes over you, rendering you helpless to its power. The human experience is fraught with both positive and painful memories. As a result, we may attempt to deny or suppress those memories that we deem unwelcome.

What if we were able to sit in silence with our memories? Would this decrease the pressure that is often experienced to "just get over it?" Freeing us from self-doubt, fear, anxiety, worry and judgement? Would it lead us to a deeper experience of joy, self-actualization and patience?

This week as a sat cuddled up with a blanket hanging with my daughter, the childhood memory of building blanket tents over the floor vents came to mind. I could picture being wrapped up with my green blanket, waiting for my Dad to bring home donuts on a Saturday morning. My brothers and I each had a vent that we deemed ours on the weekend mornings. I remember eating the special donut he picked out for me; a custard filled donut with powdered sugar. To this day, it's a very vivid memory that brings such warmth. I would like to wish you all happy memories but I'm not that naive...I'll wish you warmth.

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