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Beauty or Rain?

What do you see at first glance? Do you notice the beauty in the picture or the raindrops? Quite a metaphor for life isn't it?

As we negotiate the ups and downs of life, it's easy to get bogged down. Fixated on one problem after another, this becomes our new norm. How do we escape this pattern?

Slow down and know that it's okay, it happens to everyone. However, if we begin to practice the habit of noticing we can develop new patterns. Sit with your feelings of negativity, refraining from judgement, and just let them be. As they pass, notice how your body feels and the peace that your mind experiences when you stop fighting. It is only then that you can replace the negativity with gratitude or a positive thought. As this becomes your new habit, then you can take it a step further.

Daily, choose a time to practice positivity or gratitude. Think of all of the things that make you smile or that you're grateful for. This might just become your new normal!

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