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Wild flowers don't apologize for being different, they just bloom.

My advice...just bloom

The concept of bloom where you are planted isn't a new one. Sometimes when we're in search of growth, we strive to emulate another. We take on others' characteristics in search of being better, learning, and/or meeting our goals.

Admiring positive attributes of others while setting goals for betterment is a great recipe for growth. However, remaining mindful of who you are at the core is essential to real and long lasting change.

Never apologize for those things that make you, uniquely YOU.

Before making changes, ask yourself these questions to ensure that you're remaining true to your individuality.

*Is this decision in line with my beliefs?

*Will it improve my life and those who are special to me?

*Will moving forward feed my soul today and in the future?

*Do I feel confident that this will make my life better?

Answer yes? Then...just bloom...

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