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Science of Happy

Think Happy, Feel Happy, Try Happy, and Spread Some Happy!

Ever wonder what happens when you try something new? Research indicates that there are benefits to the brain when we expand our horizons. In fact, there is evidence that new experiences positively impact memory, neurotransmission, mood, social interactions, and connections. Like many people, I have a tendency to overthink this by focusing on lack of time, resources, etc. However, in the spirit of simplicity the benefits do not require a complicated adventure.

Attempting something new may be as simple as trying a new coffee/tea, taking a different walking path, researching new plants for your garden, shopping at a different market, or learning a new skill. In short, the possibilities are endless!

Our experience this morning included a new coffee shop which prompted us to try new cuisine. This outing didn't require much from us but the benefit to our psyche, mood, and sense of adventure was well worth it! This week, try something new!

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