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Focus on negativity, you'll find it...

Look for inspiration everywhere!

Ever have one of those days, weeks, or months where it seems that things are going awry? When we're having this experience, it's common to feel stuck. We often become so focused on the negativity that it can take over our lives. The stress at home, work, or hardships in life overtake the positives that we also encounter daily but may not be as inclined to notice.

It's in these moments that it's critical to intentionally seek inspiration.

The great thing about inspiration is that it's subjective and personal. Nobody but you gets to decide what is inspirational. That in and of itself is freeing!

The first step? Give yourself time. It's imperative to allow yourself this time to slow down. Think about what made you smile as a kid. This can be a great place to begin when seeking your source of inspiration. Then, experiment and attempt different things to find your inspiration.

This week, comment and let me know how you found your inspiration. I can't wait to hear from you!

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