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Always remember to love yourself first---

Want to free yourself? Stop focusing on others' perception of you. When this is our focus, we bog ourselves down with potential negative energy and unnecessary angst. What is a perception anyway? It's a guess regarding what someone else may be thinking, feeling, or doing. Remember, this guess is not based on facts.

Where to begin? There is merit in examining your thoughts and feelings throughout the day. Without judging, just allow yourself to pause, notice your thoughts and feelings in various situations. Do you notice any patterns positively or negatively? With positive patterns, what are you doing differently? Don't change a thing! From time to time, we all struggle with feeling "less than." However, when we begin to notice repetitive negative thoughts and patterns--time to make a plan of action!

What is a "go to" statement that you can think in order to begin to replace potential negativity? For example, if you're constantly comparing yourself to other people. Your "go to" statement in your head may be something like "I'm enough," "I'm grateful for...(insert person's name and talent)," or "I've got this."

As you begin to practice your "go to" statement, the impact is freedom. Freedom from comparisons and worry, affecting multiple aspects of your life. A veil is lifted, replaced by appreciation of yourself and others. As you develop love of self, you can't help but increase your love and appreciation of others!

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