There may be waves...in all endings lies a beginning

Anything new can bring about a myriad of emotions. It's grand when we're excited, anticipatory, or welcoming a change. What happens when you feel these things AND stress or discomfort?

If you're like many, there's a tendency to deny or avoid the negative emotions associated with change. We may even chastise ourselves for being uncomfortable, questioning why we're allowing ourselves to get "worked up."

The bottom line...change is stressful (even the good kind). It's okay to have a variety of feelings associated with a change. In fact, growth in life inevitably brings about many emotions. What to do? Reach out, knowing that others have or may be experiencing a similar situation. Take good care of yourself--indulge in those things that bring about a sense of peace for you. Trust yourself: acknowledge what you're feeling and know that you can handle it.

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