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Strength is the ability to process emotions, while meeting goals

When we're experiencing happiness, we're eager to share it with others. We bask in the warmth and confidence that envelopes us.

In contrast, as we experience negative emotions there's a tendency to deny, question, or even feel guilt about how we're feeling. Often, you hear people say things like "I don't know why I'm feeling this way" or "I need to get over this." etc. In fact, there's a tendency to question "What is wrong with me?"

As we truly experience life without the social media lens, logically we understand that a life well lived has a combination of peaks and valleys. No human being is immune to this. During the dark times, it's okay to acknowledge the negative feelings that you're experiencing. Often, acknowledging negative emotions is a key first step to validating and working through challenges.

Knowing that we all have these times, reaching out to others, and resetting your path to meet your goals will help. As with all feelings, a reminder that it's just for now and not forever can help all of us get through the inevitable rough patches.

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