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Circle of Control

Bombarded, frustrated, scattered, distressed, and overwhelmed are a few of the emotions that I hear people expressing these days. Given the difficulty of gaining factual information at times, it's easy to feel helpless. Please remember that we have many things that are in OUR circle of control.

Thoughts: Rather than spend energy and time determining whether they are good or bad--take time to notice your feelings. Regularly, ask yourself "Do my thoughts serve me?" If not, determine whether you're focusing on the past or future, find a replacement thought that serves you, and practice it to stay in the present moment. Learning how to be in the "now" is a gift to yourself that you'll never outgrow.

Choices: We can choose what information we take in, the means, and how our lives look each day. Determine what feeds your soul and attempt to choose things that keep you emotionally and spiritually full.

Effort: I can choose what I put my time and power into. Take the time to determine those causes that are important to you and devote your time accordingly. Like everything, your effort may ebb and flow, give yourself the same patience and kindness that you would give to someone else.

Energy: Admittedly, we all have our moments. However, take stock of how you feel in daily situations. You have the right to choose who, what, and where your energy goes. If you consistently feel drained, you have the right to explore the why behind it and make a change.

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