How many words can you make from this sentence?


We all matter, we all belong!

Scavenger Hunt Answer Key


Think/Classroom page/On the poster

Heart/Classroom page/On the heart

One/Walking home page/On brother's hat

Older Brother/Royal scene page/On brother's sash

Tea/Dinner page/On teapot

Welcome/Airport page/On sign

Earth/Classroom page/On globe

Dog/Royal scene page/On dog's tag

Mother/Royal scene page/On mom's sash

Belong to/First dinner scene/On the vase

Community/Dog breakfast scene/On newspaper

Airport/Airport page/On airport tower

Moon/Space page/On flying saucer

Family/Home page/On picture by door

Friendship/Emma in front of class/On classmate's shirt

Happiness/Jungle page/By the vines 

Plants/Dinosaur page/On road by the plants

Little sister/Royal scene page/On sister's dress

Father/Royal scene page/On father's sash

Light/Dedication page/On lantern















Making family memories with Dad, Mom, Ethan, Emma & Pickles!  What's your favorite childhood memory?!?

Emma & Pickles love to do everything together!  What's your favorite thing to do with your pet?!?

How will you help others belong today?

Belonging matters here!

If we all belong, we create a

school family that's dear.

We will include others,

use caring words, and build others up here.

We all belong!  Give us three cheers!

Give the gift of belonging today!


Be kind in words and actions

Everyone matters

Leaders who care


Never give up

Give compliments, say no to

put downs!

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