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Friends, Fun & Pitbulls Oh My!

How do you spend a Sunday Funday? Why getting together with a passionate, intelligent, committed group of people to discuss lifting the breed ban in various communities in KC, specifically Prairie Village. We loved the opportunity to meet people at Bearde' Salon in Mission, followed by presentations at Melange Dance. Hearing Courtney Thomas, President/CEO of GPSPCA is always a thought provoking treat! In addition, we were honored to hear from Emily Coleman (Certified Dog Trainer), Beth Pauly (GPSPCA Director of Volunteer/Legislative Affairs), Monica Matthews (DVM) and Missouri Pit Bull Rescue.

Confused over the information you have regarding Pitbulls? Click here to view pros/cons and the top myths:

Interested in taking positive action in Prairie Village on September 6??

If you're looking for inspiration and a model for the power of love, forgiveness, commitment and nurturing--look no further than Shane Rudman (Lucky The Pitbull's Owner) and Jenna Bearde' (Ronnie's Life)! Their stories of looking beyond a breed and providing a life-saving level of love is truly inspirational! You can find their stories here:

Many thanks to Michael & Jenna Bearde' for coordinating and hosting this event!

Ultimate photo bomb courtesy of Dingus the Dog :)

THINK your best thoughts in order to FEEL your best to TRY and BE your best!

Commit, Educate, Communicate & Please Share this information!

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