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Was it really about a loss?

Not in our city, not what I saw.

More a peaceful collaboration--

Not to condemn but...

To stand in solidarity.


A representation of each other regardless of

Who you love

How you worship

What you look like

Your cultural background.

Saying "We the people"

And excluding, labeling or devaluing

People of color


People with disabilities

Is the antithesis of "A more perfect union."

Motivated by anger you say?

Fear of what could happen?

Not in our city, not what I saw.

A preservation of community,

People first and protection

Safety and responsibility

Prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault

Health care for all

Equality for wages and love.

The melting pot is boiling over

With accusations, tirades and alternative facts.

Was it really about a loss?

Yes, the loss of humanity.

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