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Lessons from the Hart (Kevin Hart)

Run a 5k at 7:30 on a Saturday morning you say? WHAT!?!

Well, we did and wow was it the best morning ever! We joined Kevin Hart and Nike Running Club for a pop up run at Brush Community Center in KC. Mr. Hart was engaging and funny (of course), as well as philosophical and inspiring. He talked about a community coming together and mindset; "My job is to make you understand you can be great and to adapt a great mindset."


What was our take away? Joining great friends, with a community of people made up of numerous shapes, sizes, fitness levels, cultures and ages towards a common goal of working hard and living well. Thank you Kevin Hart and Nike!

A parting thought: THINK your best thoughts in order to FEEL your best to TRY and BE your best!

What is your "go to" thought in order to stay positive and be at your best?

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