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Help Robbie Get his Dream of Disney World!

THINK your best thoughts in order to FEEL your best to TRY and BE your best!

I know Kriste Everett from volunteering at GPSPCA. She is witty and tireless in her efforts to help the pets at the shelter. When I saw this Facebook Post, I knew this needed to be my blog for this week. What an incredible job our city has done coming together to support our Royals!! Please come together to help Robbie here: "Robbie was our neighbor at our lake house. He lived across the street with his parents and no one really knew much about him. He was very shy at first, but over the years he went from just waving at us from his deck the first summer to walking to the end of his drive to wave at the girls and I as we drove by on the golf cart the next year. One day I went and introduced myself to Robbie and his Mom and I invited him to come over anytime. Little did I know he wouldn't come over or even cross the street unless I went to get him, so EVERY weekend that's exactly what I did! Each year he became more and more trusting to the point that the second he saw my car pull up at our place he would come running (Literally running!) and that's where you could find him ALL WEEKEND! He would stay for breakfast, go out on the water with us all day and have lunch and then come back off of the water and have dinner until his Mama would call him home to go to bed. Once Summer/Fall was over I felt terrible and missed him so much that he started coming to our house up here in the city for Weekend Visits and eventually started spending all the holidays - Christmas, Thanksgiving & New Years - with us! I can't even remember my Life without him in it and I hope he would say the same! Robbie is truly FAMILY to all of us and now he doesn't know a stranger! He has changed so much over the years and we just couldn't be more proud to get to watch him blossom! Robbie is a 52 year old autistic man but mentally he is about 6-8 years old. He is so much fun and has changed my life and my entire family's lives! I love letting the world see what an amazing guy he is. If you meet My Robbie, you will see why we laugh and smile every single day!" Their story reminds me that there are very good people out there doing amazing things for others out of the goodness of their hearts! So, back to why we are here.... There is only one person in the world who wants Robbie to go to Disney World more than Robbie himself does and that is Kriste! They have to travel in mid-December so time is tight. Will you please help us raise money for Kriste and Robbie to go to Disney World for the trip of a lifetime?! Kriste says, "Robbie will die a happy man regardless of whether he gets to go to Disney." I say we will all be happier if we know we have helped make Robbie's Dream of Disney World come true!

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