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Stanford Survivor

Dear Stanford Survivor,

I chose the word survivor purposefully. In no way to negate that you've been victimized but to intentionally emphasize your amazing strength. You see, I'm a parent of a daughter and as I read your incredibly brave letter I cried (I strongly believe that I'm not alone in this reaction).

I cried for many reasons. Everything you've been through, been subjected to and the anguish for you and your family. I also cried for all of the things you deserved and didn't receive.

I'm sorry this happened to you

I'm sorry for the process that you had to endure

I'm sorry that your sense of safety has been altered

I'm sorry that you've had to constantly relive what happened to you

I'm sorry that the system failed you

I'm sorry that you didn't get the apology and accountability from the attacker that you deserved

Although this can't possibly ease anything, in some small way I hope that it gives you a sense of comfort and support. You have so many people who are standing with you. I hope that you don't forget that and continue to be the brave voice that you've already been.

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