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What would happen if we were open to a shift in how we communicate with each other? Instead of talking at each other, we focused on wholehearted listening. Think about all of the conflict going on in the world. If you look at social media, the interaction between people is often driven by right vs. wrong. We express ourselves and when we don't get agreement, validation or answer we want WE JUST SAY THE SAME THING LOUDER.

Today, make a commitment to try wholehearted listening first. What does it mean to listen at this level?

*Eye contact with the person you're communicating with


*Being in the moment

*Listening to what the person is trying to communicate

*Restating what you've heard them say to provide clarity

*Asking questions instead of making assumptions

*Talking with the person, not at them

*Getting out of your own head

*Letting go of your personal agenda

*Focused on the now instead of creating your next response in your head

*Letting go of being right

*Responding not reacting to what the person has said

What's the impact when we are able to listen wholeheartedly? We communicate to the person that we are here for them. Imagine how we could come together...Begin today!

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