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How do you celebrate Halloween, Hallow E'en in Ireland, All Hallows Eve, the night before the 'All Hallows', also called 'All Hallowmas', 'All Saints', 'All Souls' Day. Hallowe'en or in Scotland, Hallowtide?

Do you create a spooky dinner of Mummy Dogs? Watch a scary movie before going out? Come home to go through your candy and have a great trading of treats? Our time of traditions typically begins with Halloween and extends through family and giving season.

After many years of relishing in Trick or Treating escapades, this is the first year that we'll sit this one out. Perhaps a little melancholy at first, we've decided to embrace this time and create new traditions! We've had a blast thinking of new things to do!

Perhaps like most things in life, it comes down to your perspective. We could choose to focus on the past and regretful that we're not out there. OR... Choose to focus on the fun that we will create. If you're continuing your tradition or developing new ones; breathe, be present and have fun!

THINK your best thoughts in order to FEEL your best to TRY and BE your best!

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