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Arrival of the holiday season is bittersweet for many. Self-love, patience, and pursuing that which gives YOU joy is critical...

The bridge between joy and sadness can be diminutive. As nature unleashes her power, such is the force of grief for many--unexpected, pervasive, and at times unrelenting.

The holidays, though anticipated and joyous, may also bring emotional conflict. A past experience, losing a loved one, or on-going duress can add to stress during the holidays.

If this is your experience; give yourself time, acknowledge your loss/situation, and remember that you get to own your feelings. Whatever you're feeling is allowed! Talk to someone, take care of yourself physically, revisit a tradition that brings you joy, or be open to creating a new tradition. Grief is personal, individualized, and has no time frame.

As with the ebb and flow of the tide, our emotional fluctuations can parallel. Above all, be kind to yourself.

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